Qingdao Zaishun Logistics Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Zaishun Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zaishun Logistics") was established in 2017. It is based on the leasing business of high-altitude construction machinery and equipment. It provides ordinary freight and large-scale freight transportation (three types); car rental and crane 25 Tons-65 tons of cargo hoisting and other services, especially good at undertaking the transportation of power materials and goods such as transmission line towers and large wind power towers across the country, and provide good transportation solutions.

Since its establishment, Zaishun Logistics has always adhered to customer demand as the guide. According to the needs of society and market development, it has focused on building various construction machinery rental and sales business in the field of aerial work. The products cover various commonly used aerial work platforms. The customer provides a full set of construction equipment. The company has set up a service center in Qingdao to provide customers with a guarantee of better service.

As a new star in the industry, Zaishun Logistics integrates global superior resources, focuses on the needs of Chinese industrial customers, and uses continuous innovation as the driving force to continue to provide all-round services for customer development, promote industrial progress, and boost the Chinese dream.

The main businesses launched by the company include aerial work platforms/cars, sales and leasing. Among them, the aerial work platforms are selected from American Genie, domestically produced Dingli and other well-known domestic and foreign brands, with types including scissor, crank, straight, telescopic, trailer, and self-propelled. 3-28 meters can be satisfied, you are welcome to rent and buy!

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